Amanda Bynes has been relatively silent lately, signaling the inevitable meltdown that was to come. And (ta-dah!) it's here -- in the form of a new report that Amanda is drugging it up, shirking personal hygiene and blacking out her windows.

RadarOnline is reporting (via InTouch) that, despite her silence, Bynes never actually swam back from the deep end. Instead, she's allegedly holed up inside an apartment more unsanitary than Farrah Abraham's used swimsuit, and toking up like nobody's business.

Two InTouch photographers were supposedly invited to the starlet's apartment for a party and came back describing deplorable conditions, copious amounts of weed and sparse furniture.

Giovanni Arnold, one of the photogs, speculates that Bynes gets so high that she "won't even leave her house." (Except, perhaps, to flail around on a treadmill.)

And what a house it is! Her apartment is described as being "basically empty," with a few windows covered in blinds and the rest spray-painted black. “She has two big purple chairs and a little dining room table, that’s it," Arnold reported.

And the kitchen is filled with take-out containers, because who has time to cook when you have the munchies?

“Weed was everywhere. On the bed, all over the floor," Arnold continued, adding that Amanda also did lines of coke while he was there. He also told of her strange behavior, saying she was "cool and down-to-earth" one minute, and "totally different" the next, unable to even hold a conversation.

“Mentally, she’s all over the place.”

Perhaps most sad was the seductive photoshoot Arnold and his colleague came to film. Amanda allegedly stretched out on a mattress on the floor, trying to strike sexy poses, but her feet were “full of cuts and bruises" -- almost as if she walked over the shattered remains of her career.

The only thing missing from this picture are ice cream-fueled, 3 a.m. screenings of 'All That.'

Of course, it should be noted that despite these dudes supposedly being photographers, there's no actual photographic evidence online of their claims yet -- and let's be real, a picture of Amanda Bynes doing a line of coke is pretty much the tabloid holy grail.

So be wary. And if you hear a faint wailing in the distance, sleep soundly knowing that the whistle on the Amanda Bynes crazy train is still functioning properly.