Amanda Bynes isn't just a bumper-car driver, she's also the neighbor from hell. Or at least the neighbor from the far reaches of space and galaxies far away, if the stories from the people in her apartment building are to be believed.

Of course, her behavior could be explained away as a result of all that pot smoke lingering in the halls that got her punted out of there in the first place.

“She was really nice at first. She knocked on some doors and introduced herself and wanted to hang out, but then she started acting weird,” a neighbor recalled of Bynes' antics.

After she settled in, Amanda enacted a literal open-door policy. “Her door was left open all the time," the source continued. "And we saw that she put red [lightbulbs] in every outlet."

Neighbors also recalled another instance where she wandered into the lobby “at 2 a.m. one morning, laughing hysterically for four minutes” and then “went back to her apartment.” As you do.

Bynes is now reportedly camping out at a hotel, where perhaps she's free to turn her living space into the red light district she's always dreamed of.