All that heightened security at the Grammys proved to be kind of a joke when a prankster got in anyway and tried to ruin Adele's big moment (before being vanquished by J. Lo and her mighty Thumb of Doom), but it seems the 2013 Oscars organizers aren't taking any chances with their glittery attendees.

TMZ reports multiple law enforcement agencies are on high alert given the recent spate of mass shootings -- particularly those committed by former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, whose atrocities reportedly stemmed from being canned.

"When someone from the city gets fired, the city manager of the department calls because they're scared the person who was fired will go postal," an LAPD insider said. "People are going crazy with fear."

Even your garden-variety stalkers have everyone on edge, so a private security firm called Security Industry Specialists (SIS) has been tasked with keeping them at bay -- SIS has been given photos of and intel about known creepers, and agents are on the lookout.

So if you think you're gonna hop on stage and intercept Anne Hathaway when she wins (come on, we all know she's going to), think again. Not only will security do a take-down, Anne herself would probably cuttabitch. She didn't starve herself and practically shave her head just for someone else to steal her spotlight.