Anne Hathaway

Most Dramatic Celebrity Hair Makeovers
We've all been there: You're tired of your hair always looking the same way all the time and you desperately want something new. Especially during a huge life change. Celebrities are no different, and for better or worse they too get the itch to switch up their style.
Sometimes the odds work out in t…
Lady in Waiting
Seems actress Anne Hathaway has so much disdain for photographers, she'd rather take her chances with random strangers.
Of course, given her past experiences, who could really blame her.
In Your Dreams
Jennifer Lawrence has topped a new survey of celebrities people would most like to star in a sex tape.
No, 'Winter's Bone' wasn't what you thought it was. We were disappointed, too.
'If They Melded'
A regular segment on 'Conan' called "If They Melded" takes a look at what would happen if two celebrities faces were mashed together (after maybe a horrible radioactive spill of some kind, we're guessing).
Warning: You may not sleep tonight. Especially when you see wh…
Franco Spills the Beans
James Franco and Anne Hathaway have made up since their disastrous turn co-hosting the Oscars together in 2011, but we're curious to see if that tentative peace lasts once Hathaway hears the March 25 interview he did with Howard Stern -- in which Franco says he can totally understand why everyo…
Haute Horror
In order to avoid a red carpet Hindenburg, Anne Hathaway abandoned her plans to wear a "pink embroidered tulle illusion gown" by Valentino to the 2013 Oscars, opting instead for a pale pink Prada column gown that clashed with her Tiffany necklace and made it look like her headlights were p…
Practice, Practice
If you noticed that Anne Hathaway's Oscar acceptance speech was less full of fake breathless surprise and more full of thanks, that's because she practiced it again and again after taking criticism for her Golden Globes, SAG and BAFTA speeches.
And rightly so. The shock and awe wasn't…
Just a Crutch
The usually uncomfortable Kristen Stewart was even more uncomfortable at the Feb. 24 Oscars as she hobbled around the red carpet on crutches and limped out to present an award alongside Daniel Radcliffe.
No one knew the cause of Stewart's crutches -- except for Anne Hathaway, who took time out o…
Style Breakdown
Anne Hathaway has emerged as a fashion plate only in the past two years or so. While she looked gorgeous when she (awkwardly) co-hosted the Oscars in 2011, blowing through seven dresses, she's only truly exploded and evolved as a fashion risk-taker and edgy dresser in the past year. She has bec…
Anne Hathaway + James Franco
Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the ill-fated 2011 Academy Awards, during which Franco seemed to be merely a cardboard cutout of himself pretending to host a show, while Hathaway desperately flitted around waving her arms trying to bring some life to the ceremony for the both of them...
Boo Hoo
Anne Hathaway has a really tough life. When she isn't getting caught going commando, she's ripping dresses and accidentally pissing off her fans. On the bright side, she still knows how good she has it, so we can't help but like her in spite of ourselves. Damn you, Anne.

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