In "this can't be a good idea" news, web portal Yahoo is planning a web series called 'Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos.'

But before the purest among you line up to give Stamos deflowering privileges, you should probably know the series will just interview celebrities about their first sexual experiences. Because that doesn't sound uncomfortable to watch or anything.

We're guessing the definition of "celebrity" will be somewhat loose (so to speak) for this whole venture. So bear in mind you might be subjected to Carrot Top talking about his first time, or Pauly Shore discussing losing his V-card, or listening to Flava Flav describe things you never wanted to hear him describe.

Said Stamos at a presentation held on April 29, "We're going to do re-enactments with puppets, Barbies, animation."

No, Uncle Jesse, no!

The series will be co-produced by documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who starred in the fast-food gross-out movie 'Super Size Me' and directed the upcoming One Direction documentary (we don't know why either) -- thus giving Spurlock one of the most, uh, eclectic resumes in Hollywood.