In addition to doing their normal jobs like acting, singing or just making money for doing nothing, celebrities bring in a lot of bank for endorsement deals -- which pretty much involves them pretending they support and/or use a product when they probably don't for some easy cash.

Sometimes they do these deals overseas so no one has to witness their shame in selling out but sometimes, some glorious times they stay in the States to sell things and that's when we get really confused.

Paris Hilton for Hardee's

This Paris Hilton advertisement for Hardee's was considered far too sexy for the American public and was promptly banned from being played on television because won't somebody please think of the children!?! The commercial itself involves Paris seductively washing a car (minus the actually being productive part), possibly masturbating with a sponge and then taking a big bite out of the fast food chain's Spicy BBQ Burger. Because when Paris Hilton does work for the first time ever, she gets hungry.

Rachel Bilson for Magnum Ice Cream

You're probably more familiar with the Rachel Bilson ice cream commercial where she runs shoeless over some cars during a traffic jam to get to a Magnum ice-cream truck only to find that for some reason Magnum doesn't know how to transport their product properly. This commercial is perhaps even weirder because it's directed by clothing designer Karl Lagerfeld and teaches us that if you eat Magnum ice cream you'll be the best model ever.

Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia

Jamie Lee Curtis became the face of the digestive aiding yogurt Activia a few years back, but the endorsement deal asks us to suspend our disbelief a lot. For example, pretend that Jamie Lee Curtis takes her friends out to lunch to talk to them about how they should eat yogurt once a day. Imagine that she eats it on set on the regular. And assume she sneaks around with Greek yogurt behind Activia's back because she's a yogurt hussy.

Shannen Doherty for Education Connection

Perhaps one of the more head scratching endorsements is Shannen Doherty professing her love for and how it's helping her get her college degree in Liberal Arts. Online. Despite not needing one for her inevitable SyFy B-movie. And if you too want to be like Shannon Doherty, you can also get an online degree from that website that isn't the University of Phoenix. Exciting degrees include Criminal Justice and Culinary Arts, neither of which seem feasible over the internet.

Lisa Rinna for Depends

Actress Lisa Rinna decided it would be a good idea to promote adult diapers Depends, because if anyone needs adult diapers it's someone who just turned 50. Because that's when incontinence starts ... Right? To further the endorsement, Rinna allegedly wore the brand's Silhouette design for women under her evening gown at the 2012 charity event Dress for Success. Unlike some of our other list makers, Depends donated all of Rinna's earnings ($225,000) to charity.

Brad Pitt for Chanel No 5

Like most commercials for perfume, this one for a women's fragrance -- Chanel No. 5, performed by a super serious Brad Pitt -- has almost absolutely nothing to do with perfume. Unless the perfume itself makes you sit in a dark room talking nonsense to yourself while practicing your sensual voice. The ad would later launch a million parodies and while Pitt would go on defend them, he would also admit he doesn't know what the perfume smells like.

Penelope Cruz for the Nintendo 3DS XL

Actress Penelope Cruz (read: that woman who narrowly escaped marrying Tom Cruise) joined up with Nintendo to simultaneously promote their handheld system the 3DS XL and their new video game at the time: 'Super Mario Bros. 2.' And apparently the best way to achieve this was to have Cruz play the game, talk to the characters as if they were real and then woodenly team up in the game with her sister.  You know, before dressing up like Mario and struggling to say the word mushroom.

Eva Longoria for SHEBA

Little known fact: Eva Longoria owns a partially CGI cat and when she gets home she dances frantically while undressing in front of her giant glass windows. Good thing her CGI cat isn't judgmental. It's probably because Longoria works it into her dance routine and then feeds it wet cat food off a porcelain plate. Maybe it's just us and our knowledge of her love life, but we doubt the main passion in Eva's life is her imaginary cat.

George Clooney for Nespresso

When George Clooney strangely endorsed the coffee capsule company Nespresso, they tried to make their commercials sexy by having him inadvertently switch luggage with a much younger woman and then have them meet to get their own luggage back. But first, they're seen pawing through each others' personal items, which seem to include only items for sleeping in and about a billion boxes of Nespresso coffee ... just like in some terrible romantic comedy. Good thing a magical fountain body-switching episode didn't happen.

Lindsay Lohan for Fornarina

Okay, we're cheating with this one a little because Fornarina is not an American company, but if you saw the commercial you'd see why we needed to include it. Imagine the amazing directing skills one would need to bring this commercial to life. Revel in Lindsay Lohan having to say singular words like "wink" "heart" and "pink" while pretending she's in the cartoon 'Jem and the Holograms.' Seriously? What even is this commercial?