Ouch. Kim Kardashian and her hideous floral Riccardo Tisci dress, which featured matching granny gloves, were cropped out of Vogue.com's slideshow from the 2013 Met Ball.

And make no mistake -- it was not unintentional editing. It spoke volumes.

It's well-documented that Vogue editress Anna Wintour has serious disdain for Kimmy, refusing to give her a cover story or to even extend her an invite to the annual Met Ball in years past. Since Kardashian is not considered "high fashion," Wintour snubs her upscale nose at the reality star.

(It's worth noting that Kim and Kanye West did have lunch with Anna the day of the gala, but that's likely due to the fact that 'Ye's got a pretty bangin' fashion line.)

However, as Kanye's baby mama, the Double K was lucky enough to receive an invitation this year. So she finally gets the big invite -- and then ruins it by dressing like a slipcover. Her dress made many "worst" lists, was mocked by Robin Williams, and added the latest look to her parade of ugly maternity attire.

But this? This is the worst dig of all.

The Vogue slideshow from the Met event features a photo of Kim and Kanye in its Best Dressed array, but ... the only one you see is Yeezy. He's holding Kim's fabric-covered hand, but she and her baby bump have been all but eviscerated.

Kanye Kim Crop

Chopping "them" -- Kim, the dress, the baby bump -- out of the photo is about as passive-aggressive as you can get. Was that the publication's way of saying Kimmy was not considered "best dressed"? You bet it was.

There were plenty of couples in Vogue's photos, so it's not like the fashionable mag cropped Kim out for space, even though she is bursting with baby.

Looks like Kardashian may have won the battle by getting the invite -- but Miss Wintour won the fashion war by excluding her from the photos.

Well played, Anna. Well played.

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