Reader's Digest -- which still exists, apparently -- has released the results of its '100 Most Trusted People In America' poll, and Tom Hanks has been voted as the guy to whom Americans would most likely give their spare house key.

The 'Toy Story' star, 56, grabbed the No. 1 spot, beating out countless other celebrities on a scale determined by "integrity and character, exceptional talent, drive to personal excellence, internal moral compass, message, honesty and leadership."

Sandra Bullock came in at No. 2 (meaning she's already been forgiven for 'All About Steve,' which some of us actually spent $7 to see), Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep hit No. 3 and 4, respectively, and beloved poet Maya Angelou finished at No. 5.

But not all of the big name Hollywood stars fared as well as Tom and Sandra. In fact, Kristen Stewart was voted the least trustworthy celeb (barely edging out Tom Cruise). Which is just one more thing for her to mope about.

Given that the poll was partly based on leadership skils, perhaps Hanks can parlay his win into a budding political career.

Ruuuun, Forrest! Ruuuuuun!

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