A while back, our new favorite celeb, Tom Hanks, accidentally dropped an F-bomb on ‘Good Morning America.’ You could tell by the shock and embarrassment on his face that it was a total accident and he immediately apologized to the viewing audience.

But for Hanks’ mom, that wasn’t good enough.

Hanks was on the morning show promoting his new movie ‘Cloud Atlas’ when 'GMA' host Elizabeth Vargas asked him to do one of his dialects from the film. Hanks warned her that it mostly involved swearing, but she encouraged him to do it anyway. Hanks was a few words in and then -- oops -- it was bombs away.

The good news was that only people on the East Coast heard it live and uncensored. The bad news was that Tom's mother was apparently among them.

The star recently told E! News that he doesn't routinely use the word -- and for good reason.

"I've got a mom," he said. "Who, if it's possible to reach through the phone and slap your mouth, [she] did it, or would have done it!"

The Parents Television Council is also a little peeved with Hanks, but nothing compares to a mother's wrath. We hope he’s not grounded though -- it’s always fun when Tom comes out to play.

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