The holidays are over -- so to avoid that annual deep winter depression, we have to get excited about something. This year, instead of loading up on chocolate and booze, we have the Golden Globes hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

And, you know, chocolate and booze.

Every time we see something new promoting the Globes, we get giddy all over again.

First there was the announcement.

Minds blown.

Then there was the “old Hollywood” promo video that never got old.

If possible, we were more ecstatic than before.

And now, NBC has released this promotional photo of the ladies wearing their golden gowns paired with some seriously non-traditional red carpet footwear: Converse All Stars.

Our capacity to love these two has increased by a gazillion percent, and with less than two weeks between us and what promises to be a glorious night of supreme hosting, we couldn't be happier.

January 13, we await you.

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