If you haven't yet heard, this past weekend at the annual Emmy Awards, comedienne Tina Fey had a teeny, tiny nip-slip for a fraction of a second on national television. Rather than let that get to her, though, Fey has chosen to mock the incident herself, using it as fodder for a 'Saturday Night Live' promo and in an interview on 'Late Night.'

Having taken home a trophy for Writing in a Comedy Series on her sitcom '30 Rock,' Fey moved onto filming promos for this weekend's 39th season premiere of 'SNL,' which she will be hosting.

In the promo shoot (above) with cast member Keenan Thompson, both actors promised no wardrobe malfunctions on Saturday's show -- at  which point Fey yelled, "It's not gonna happen, guys, it's under control" before moving her arms and belatedly realizing she's not wearing a shirt under her blazer. Blargh!

Fey also poked fun at herself last night (Sept. 26) with host Jimmy Fallon by sharing a photo of the incident in question, which she thought they should discuss as a group.

You can check out the punchline to that joke in the video below.

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