Sorry everyone, Natalia Kills is officially finished making music.

But that's okay, because she's rebranded herself (yet again) as Teddy Sinclair, melding her intimate private name with her public persona. So if you were hoping to get a new Natalia Kills album anytime soon, you're out of luck. But according to a Q&A the singer held on Twitter recently, Teddy Sinclair is recording a new album while on her current label, Interscope -- it'll just be under her new name and recorded with a band.

She says her love for '90s relics Hole and Garbage inspired the new inclusion of live instruments, writing, "I always wanted to start a band. I adore Hole & Garbage so that's what i'll do next. I need to go darker + wilder."

When another fan asked if she made the switch because her solo act wasn't doing well, sales-wise, she responded, "it's so boring being up on stage alone all the time… i like real music, real guitars in the studio, so why not have them on stage?"

As for why she hasn't released an album since 2013's Trouble, she casually notes that she's been busy writing for other artists -- small ones, like Madonna and Rihanna. Remember when Rihanna teased that song "Kiss It Better" back when we thought R8 was actually going to drop sometime this century? Teddy apparently wrote that track.

She also addressed that bizarre X Factor debacle, where she and husband Willy Moon attacked one of the contestants for being so unoriginal and "disgusting" in wearing a suit. She claims she doesn't hate New Zealand, which is generous of her, and that, "the whole thing was not real… all reality TV is staged, except sex tapes. I think those are quite real."

You can head over to Teddy's Twitter to check out the entire Q&A.

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