We brought rising pop superstar Pia Mia into our studio to discuss everything from her homeland of Guam to her ever-devoted crew (the Wolfpack!) to her latest hit, “Do It Again (feat. Chris Brown and Tyga),” and we’re rolling out the footage throughout the week right here on PopCrush every day at noon. Stay tuned!

As a rising pop superstar, you're quickly exposed to the best of both worlds: An increasingly devoted fanbase eager to support your every move...and, occasionally, some Internet trolls along the way too.

When her song "F--k With You" debuted late last year, some listeners were thrown by initially the rather blunt title. "Personally, I interpret it as 'I wanna mess with you'...I think some people took it in a more offensive way," she admitted, although she remains unfazed by anyone's perception of her work. "I'm very open about who I am, on my Snapchat, on my Twitter...I'm not afraid to be myself and say things that are on my mind."

But how does the rising sensation deal with backlash on the Internet? "Normally I just don't look at it, but if I do, I'll just be positive back," she explained to PopCrush. "I either stay away or send positivity their way because there's really no point in trying to fight fire with fire."

Luckily, Pia Mia's crew — lovingly named The Wolfpack, a name originally based on a song (don't worry, she'll explain it all in the video above) — keeps her going strong. It's safe to say Pia's constant social media interaction has led to the making of some particularly devoted fans — even one or two who might even try to hop into her van for a selfie.


Watch Pia talk about the Wolfpack, dealing with negativity on the Internet, the meaning behind "F--k With You" and a particularly insane fan experience up top, and make sure to check out the rest of our chats with Pia down below.

And, of course, here's your Pia Mia GIF of the day: We'll call it...bish WHET?!

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