Taylor Swift, like her ex-boyfriends, has discovered a 'New Girl.'

Entertainment Weekly reports the singer-songwriter will appear on the season finale of FOX's  Zooey Deschanel hit, playing Elaine, an important guest at the wedding of characters Cece (Hannah Simone) and Shivrang (Satya Bhabha).

Swift has been mentioned on the program before. In one episode, one character said he was experiencing a "Taylor Swift range of emotions." In another, Zooey's character Jess said she just "wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone."

T-Swizzle has seemed rather humorless lately, but back in 2011, she tweeted her 'New Girl' love:

This isn't her first go-round in the acting world -- she previously hosted Saturday Night Live, appeared in the 2010 bomb 'Valentine's Day,' and was stabbed to death with scissors on an episode of CSI.

Swift's 'New Girl' episode airs May 14 on FOX, and will probably be the most drama-free thing she's done in months.