Rumors began to fly about the marital status of longtime partners Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when, while touring the Congo, Jolie was spotted sporting a plain band in place of her ridiculously expensive rock of an engagement ring.

Instead of taking the logical route and assuming it's a bad idea to wear an enormous $500,000 blood diamond in Africa, everyone flipped out and went around yelling that Brad and Angie (she lets us call her that) had finally tied the knot.

Sadly for them, their cries of, “Brangelina got married! Brangelina got married! The sky is falling! The British are coming!” were completely unfounded.

When a TMZ cameraman asked Angelina yesterday (March 27), "Is that a wedding ring?” the actress turned activist responded with an emphatic, "No." At the time, she was returning from a four-day trip in the eastern Congo, where she was bringing awareness to the awful prevalence of rape in the region.

Pitt hinted last year that he and Jolie (who've been together seven years now) plan on being married “soon.” Although he did not intimate how soon "soon" would be.

Is it now? How about now? Now? Now? How about ... now?

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