The ever-adorable and always funny Anna Kendrick took part in a Funny or Die video recently that portrayed her as not only America's sweetheart, but Asia's as well.

To make it happen, her faux-agent did the only thing she knew how: She had Anna join a K-pop group. (If you couldn't tell by the twee nickname, that's short for "Korean pop music.") And of course hijinx ensued.

In the video, you'll see a montage of Kendrick in Seoul trying to learn how to dance “K-pop style,” singing in Korean and getting made up like a Nicki Minaj-inspired drag queen.

Eventually, everything gets really heart-warming when Anna succeeds in the K-pop world and is finally accepted by the South Korean girl band F(x). Through hard work, determination and mastering the video game StarCraft, of course.

Stick around for the twist ending. (We promise she wasn't a ghost the whole time or anything.)

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