Redefining the Family Dinner
Breastfeeding is a hot-button topic in the world of motherhood, with some arguing against the practice, others for it or fighting to extend it or fighting to shorten it, yada yada yada.
Well apparently Shakira is all for breastfeeding her son Milan as long as possible. In fact, she loves it so much t…
Shakira ... Out
With Christina Aguilera set to reclaim her spinning chair on 'The Voice,' current female judge Shakira and her truthful hips are planning an exit, saying the constant travel is wearing out her newborn baby.
Shakira Spawns
Late last month, Shakira's boyfriend punked the internet by announcing she'd had her baby. Then he took it all back and said it was a joke because it was the Latin American equivalent of April Fool’s Day and HAHAHAHA yeah totally hilarious, dude.
Anyway, looks like Shakira r…
Hot Mama (and Papa)
UPDATE: So it seems Shakira's womb still has an "ocupado" sign out front -- Gerard's tweet "coincided with the Latin American equivalent of April Fool’s Day," and several hours later he revealed the whole birth announcement thing was just a joke. Yeah, that's hilarious, dude.
You've Been Served
Shakira may have a baby on the way with futball/soccer/football/whatever player Gerard Pique and a whole new life, but she's currently being sued by her old life to the tune of $100 million.
If this were 1997, we'd probably have an 'Austin Powers' joke for you right about now.
Shakira Is Pregnant and the Baby Is Already Smug
Diminutive Colombian pop star Shakira has announced she's expecting a baby with boyfriend Gerard Pique, a Barcelona soccer player. So with a MILF for a mom and a jock for a dad, this kid is pretty much hitting the genetic jackpot.
Well done, embryo. Well done.