Shakira may have a baby on the way with futball/soccer/football/whatever player Gerard Pique and a whole new life, but she's currently being sued by her old life to the tune of $100 million.

If this were 1997, we'd probably have an 'Austin Powers' joke for you right about now.

The Colombian singer is being sued by her ex-boyfriend and former business partner Antonio de la Rua, who dated Shakira between 2000 and 2010. According to papers filed on Nov. 20, he claims his former lover owes him a large sum of "past and future partnership profits.”

According to the Google, Shakira's current net worth is estimated to be between $140 million and $200 million. What the ... really? Man. Those bellydancing classes paid off in a big way.

Anyway, she filed a writ of summons against Rua back in October for “misappropriating funds,” but his suit cites breach of contract.

He says that after they'd been together for four years, the singer asked him to take over the “Shakira brand” (aka her hips) and she agreed to share the profits with him "in exchange for the contribution of his business and marketing skills, knowledge and expertise." And probably also his penis.

According to his lawsuit, he brokered several million-dollar deals for Shakira and was instrumental in recording the hit 'Hips Don't Lie.'

As the court paperwork states, "The combination of de la Rua's business and marketing talents with defendant's artistic talents, beauty and sex appeal succeeded in propelling the value of the partnership far beyond anything either had previously achieved or believed possible.”

Are these legal documents or a love letter?

Despite the couple's eventual split, Shakira said she would be keeping Rua on as a business partner. However, a year later he was fired "as if he were a mere employee" and not someone who knew what she looked like naked.

Unfortunately for Rua, there was no written contract -- only an oral agreement.

We'll show some restraint and just leave that statement alone.

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