Matt Lauer

Paula Speaks
Paula Deen had her first interview following the controversy over racist comments in a deposition and her subsequent firing from the Food Network -- and to say her conversation with 'Today' host Matt Lauer was a tearfully brutal affair would be a vast understatement.
'Today' Show Slasher
A man attempted to commit suicide -- or at least garner a lot of attention -- in front of a live taping of the 'Today' show. And while the program has been in a ratings slump, this probably wasn't what it had to mind to fix that.
Peace Out
Since Chris Brown apparently can't afford to pay valets, he needs you to buy his upcoming album. And the latest stop in his Public Contrition Tour took him to the 'Today' show, where he apologized for beating up on-again-off-again lover Rihanna.
And he made that apology ... on April F…
Maybe Another 'Day'
Karma is a word that rhymes with "witch."
Not long after Matt Lauer reportedly had NBC give Ann Curry the boot at 'Today,' the longtime morning show host may well be on the chopping block himself.
Matt Lauer + Katie Couric
Matt Lauer and Katie Couric were the uber-popular co-hosts of NBC’s ‘Today’ morning show from 1994 until Couric departed in 2006. They made such an attractive couple behind the news desk that you couldn't help but wish they'd hook up elsewhere too.