A man attempted to commit suicide -- or at least garner a lot of attention -- in front of a live taping of the 'Today' show. And while the program has been in a ratings slump, this probably wasn't what it had to mind to fix that.

Co-hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie were outside for a segment when the clearly disturbed guy emerged from the crowd and slashed both his wrists and forearms with a knife. NBC didn't air the incident, but people in the crowd got photos and video. (Word to the wise: Don't let grandma check Vine today.)

According to the NY Daily News, the man was ranting about "peppermint tea" and the IRS before he started slicing. As you do.

Afterwards, Matt and Savannah were whisked away back into the studio, where Matt updated everyone both on air and on Twitter.

Thankfully, everyone is safe. And hey, at least it didn't happen during Hoda and Kathie Lee's time segment. There really isn't enough wine in the world for that.

Man slashes wrists at the Today show

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