Lady Gaga

A Lana Del Ray song from four years ago leaked this week, and the track takes aim at Lady Gaga -- but Mother Monster is too busy dying her hair black and being fierce and makeup free to notice.
Young + Rich
Forbes announced its list of the highest earning celebs under 30, and leading the pack is Lady Gaga, followed by Justin Bieber -- both of whom coincidentally also have the most pull on Twitter.
Gaga Goes Nude
Lady Gaga is no stranger to being unclothed, but this shot of the pop star au natural in minimal makeup and tousled hair isn't usually how we see her in the buff.
For example, why isn't she simultaneously swimming in a bathtub full of cereal? Why is nothing on fire?
Gaga, Ooh La La
She's back!
Lady Gaga broke her Twitter silence to announce her 'ARTPOP' release date and drop some of the album's artwork. The brunette beauty rocks some weird white and clear plastic half-mask, but that's no here no there -- she still looks fantastic.
Gaga + NYC Pride
LGBT proponent Lady Gaga opened the 2013 Gay Pride Weekend in New York City with a tear-filled speech and her own special rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' pride flag in hand. (We can assure you there will be no claims of lip-syncing here.)
The Big O
She spent the past two years in the paltry No. 2 slot, but Oprah Winfrey is back -- she's been named Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity of 2013.
Nailed It
How much would you pay for a fake nail that may or may not have bits of Lady Gaga's DNA still on it?
The answer to that question for one person was $13,000, which is what they paid when the used nail went up for auction.
No word on whether the fan plans to clone their own Gaga from the nail or i…
Gaga Returns
Pop-star Lady Gaga made her return to Twitter yesterday (May 29) after almost a month of radio silence following her recovery from the hip surgery that caused her to cancel her entire 'Born This Way' tour.
In true Gaga fashion, she marked her reemergence by posting a picture of herself rub…
'She's a Great Big Hypocrite'
Kelly Osbourne nabbed the cover of the July issue of Cosmopolitan, and that's a high-profile publicity "get" for any celeb -- so the 'Fashion Police' host rewarded the mag's move by being quotably controversial and revealing loads of juicy details about her cont…
Bar None
Lady Gaga had to bail on a grand scale world tour after an injury that required hip surgery, but she's getting right back on the performing horse.
But that horse isn't quite as big now. Think more pony-sized.
(God)Mother Monster
In 2010, Elton John and his husband David Furnish welcomed their first son, Zachary, and the couple chose Lady Gaga as his godmother (admit it, if you knew her, you would too).
This year there was another addition to the family, little Elijah -- and Mother Monster will be godmother to that tot as wel…
Million Dollar Baby
If there's anyone with whom Lady Gaga would have a bad romance, it would be the Republican party. Which is probably why Mother Monster -- devout Democrat and patron saint of everything the GOP disdains -- reportedly shunned a $1 million offer to perform for the grand old party during its conven…
Calling Little Monsters
You like music. You like Lady Gaga. So what better way to listen to her (or anyone else in your collection) than with this pair of sweet Heartbeats earphones by Beats by Dr. Dre? Mother Monster designed 'em herself, and they have all the flair her Little Monsters would expect.
StarCrush and PopCrush …
Lady Gaga
It’s possible you're too rich and famous when, as you are healing from surgery, instead of cruising around in a regular wheelchair from the medical supply shop down the street, you commission a luxury jewelry and accessories designer to create a gold and leather wheelchair.
This is also a sign that y…
No Ring Yet
Lady Gaga may want to 'Marry the Night,' but it seems she doesn't plan on marrying boyfriend Taylor Kinney any time soon.

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