Pop-star Lady Gaga made her return to Twitter yesterday (May 29) after almost a month of radio silence following her recovery from the hip surgery that caused her to cancel her entire 'Born This Way' tour.

In true Gaga fashion, she marked her reemergence by posting a picture of herself rubbing elbows with two icons in the fashion world.

In the top photo, the gentleman on the left (who is not an aged Tom Felton but probably should have played him in the 'Harry Potter' film epilogue) is hat maker Philip Treacy, who in fancy circles would be referred to by his professional title: milliner.

To the right of Mother Monster is model and actress Grace Jones, who was big in the '70s and '80s for hanging around Studio 54 and appearing in movies like 'Conan the Destroyer' and the James Bond film 'A View to Kill.'

The photos here were featured on Gaga's website and are hopefully a sign she's coming out of hiding. Even if Kelly Osbourne won't be very happy to see her.

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