It’s possible you're too rich and famous when, as you are healing from surgery, instead of cruising around in a regular wheelchair from the medical supply shop down the street, you commission a luxury jewelry and accessories designer to create a gold and leather wheelchair.

This is also a sign that you're Lady Gaga, and we’re probably lucky the fancy new wheelchair isn’t made entirely of bacon.

Our exalted Mother Monster is now recovering from the unexpected hip surgery that caused her to cancel her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour. But never one to be the wilting flower, Gaga decided to remain stylish and turn heads while she heals.

This meant she needed an elegant set of wheels.

So the ‘Paparazzi’ singer hired Ken Borochov, fancy-pants designer of the brand Mordekai, to create a method of transportation more to the taste of a Lady than just your common, everyday recovery vehicle.

Enter the Lady Gaga wheelchariot.

The 24-karat gold-plated chair has a black leather seat and a removable leather canopy. And if our Lady needs to lie down after getting the vapors or being weighed down by all her cash, the chair can also fully recline. (E Online has a photo of the chair in all its glory.)

Borochov says the piece was meant to be equal parts luxury and rock-n-roll for his newest star client. The chair was inspired by a queen’s throne and the leather seat was the result of a flash of motorcycle jacket inspiration. And, amazingly, this beautiful ride was created in just a week.

Of course, Gaga couldn’t just snap pics of her wheelchariot with her smartphone and upload them to Instagram. That wouldn't do at all -- so enter celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

Because when you spend that much scratch on temporary transportation, you want some damned good photos to remember it by.

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