Jennifer Aniston

Try This Trend: Denim Shorts
Jean shorts (aka Daisy Dukes) are a summer staple. The more tattered, the better, whether you bought them that way or took scissors to an old pair of jeans and started hacking away. Not only can they can make your legs look longer and leaner, they go with everything -- and holes, rips and exposed po…
Waiting Game
Justin Theroux may have put a ring on Jennifer Aniston, but that doesn't mean the busy couple plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon. Now they're saying they may push the wedding back to Christmas time.
Spark One Up
Chris McMillan has been Jennifer Aniston's stylist for eons -- and he's known for signature cuts. In addition to lopping off Miley Cyrus' locks a while back, he's also credited with creating the oft-copied layered shag known as 'The Rachel' that Jennifer sported during her heyday as Rachel Green on …
Ancient History
The media apparently lacks the imagination necessary to give Jennifer Aniston any narrative other than "scorned woman."
Following reports that the former 'Friend' is postponing her wedding to Justin Theroux, many are now speculating it's because Brad Pitt and Angelina…
Jennifer Aniston – Stars at Prom
Not to be outdone by her ‘Friends’ costar, Jennifer Aniston makes us all glad we waited a few years to copy her hairstyle.
Thank goodness "The Rachel" came much later -- and at the hands of a professional.
Best + Worst Dressed of the Week
It may be spring, but celebs were out and about this week in lots of black. Then again, black is universal and works for almost any season, although not in every style.
For example, Jennifer Aniston was a big winner this week in black shorts, while Selena Gomez was a golden goddess. Sadly, Kat Von D …
Not Happening
Those rumors about an impending 'Friends' reunion coming to NBC in 2014? They could not be more wrong. They could try, but they would not be successful.
Get the Look
Jennifer Aniston's style is the epitome of classic American chic. Wanna emulate her urban casual look of baggy boyfriend jeans and a crisp white tank, which get a boost from a statement crossbody bag and gray suede lace up booties -- without paying Hollywood prices?
We've got you covered.
In Your Dreams
Jennifer Lawrence has topped a new survey of celebrities people would most like to star in a sex tape.
No, 'Winter's Bone' wasn't what you thought it was. We were disappointed, too.
Jennifer Aniston
Perusing the tabloids, one would think Jennifer Aniston has planned weddings on multiple occasions, all while being knocked up with twins. And ever since she announced her engagement to Justin Theroux back in October, the feeding frenzy has only intensified.
Vanity Fair Soiree
The stars hit the party circuit after the 2013 Oscars, and one popular destination this year (and every year) is the Vanity Fair party -- where newly-minted winners of the coveted golden gods like Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Christoph Waltz and Daniel Day-Lewis showed off their ha…
Mea Culpa
Seems there's a lot of ice skating going on in hell these days, because serial-dater John Mayer finally admitted he exhibited some douche-like behavior to his former lady loves Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.
Jennifer Aniston + David Schwimmer
Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have long since moved on from their ‘Friends’ days, but world hasn't yet forgotten the constant drama of Ross and Rachel. Scholars probably still study how the producers of the show managed to milk that relationship for 10 years without…

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