Chris McMillan has been Jennifer Aniston's stylist for eons -- and he's known for signature cuts. In addition to lopping off Miley Cyrus' locks a while back, he's also credited with creating the oft-copied layered shag known as 'The Rachel' that Jennifer sported during her heyday as Rachel Green on 'Friends.'

While she's since said she hated it (and we can't disagree), the cut is Aniston's signature and the rest of the world loved it. McMillan has now come clean, revealing that he enjoyed some herbal refreshment before crafting the heavily layered 'do.

McMillan told Women's Wear Daily (quotes via the New York Daily News) that he was stoned when he took scissors and snipped Aniston's hair into a shag back in 1994.

That's certainly a PSA for the pot smoker's movement -- you can be high as a kite and come up with a gamechanging hairstyle. Women flocked to salons asking their stylists to replicate The Rachel, so there goes the argument that potheads are lazy dullards who don't do anything but listen to Bob Marley and eat Cheetos.

"I'm 14 years sober, so I feel safe enough to say that," McMillan said about his stoned cut. Smart move, since he doesn't want other clients, who pay hundreds of dollars for his services, thinking he's baked when he's got sharp objects in his hands.

Aniston and McMillan are currently invested in Living Proof, a hair care company. Suffice it to say he probably wasn't smoking spliff when they wrote those funding checks.

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