Recently, one of our favorite women of comedy – goddess of one liners Amy Poehler – kicked major hosting butt with Tina Fey on the Golden Globes. Alas, it was only one night of goodness, but at least we have 'Parks & Recreation' to keep us warm on these long cold winter nights.

The good news is you don't have to turn on the TV to see her on the regular -- you can just check out The Smart Girls Channel on YouTube.

In Amy’s online show – aptly named ‘Ask Amy’ – viewers submit questions to Poehler and she answers them in her cute, witty and rather insightful way. And this week’s episode, the first of 2013, has Amy tackling the age-old conundrum of how to focus more on the positive things people say about you and less on the negative.

Most of us really struggle with this, and it’s probably not an unfamiliar topic to Poehler herself who, after a long career in show biz, has likely heard her fair share of nasty remarks (we're guessing from humor-challenged people who are bad on the inside where it can't be changed). But her poignant response indicates she’s got a pretty good handle on the situation.

When she isn't the wife we'd switch teams for, she's like the big sister full of wit and wisdom we never had -- but always wanted.