Snoop Lion (of formerly Snoop Dogg fame before he found his reggae roots) appeared on 'Conan' to talk about everything possible, from his new name and his desire to perform for the president to telling his own daughter that she really wasn't talented. Seriously.

But where the interview really took off was when Snoop explained that he once didn't grasp how Twitter works and how he's trying to get in on the bubble bath market -- and create products with his name in them.

As he explained to Conan about his hate-relationship with Twitter, "I didn't understand it. Everybody would say, 'I'm following you! I'm following you!' Like, where you following me to?"

Of course once it all became clear, he embraced the social media platform and started posting pictures of himself in things like bubble baths to try to reel in some lucrative bubble bath advertisers. (Do those even exist?)

They also discussed Snoop's deals that actually are lucrative -- including his car, the Snoop Deville; his grill, the Snoop de Grille; his online store, called Snoopermarkets; and his hot dogs, dubbed Snoop Dogs. Derp.

Also be on the lookout for the upcoming Cream of Mushroom Snoop and his special brand of Snooper Glue. Hitting a major retailer probably never.