Snoop Lion

12 Celebrities Unwelcome in Foreign Countries
Celebrities are known for being able to go where they want, when they want, but that's not always the case. Criminal records, political views, or even the way they dress can make some stars persona non grata in countries outside their own -- whether it's in the form of an outright ban or just stern public words from government officials.
Ask Him Anything
Snoop Lion (Dogg) went on Reddit for a second Ask Me Anything session, answering a whole bunch of questions about smoking and toking, collaborating with Miley Cyrus, that one time he worked with Michael Jackson, and his love of Korean pop music and impressionist painters. It's Snoop. You didn't think things would follow a linear pattern, did you?
That's a Rap
Thanks to the magic of editing, anything is possible. Yes, even NBC anchor Brian Williams rapping the opening to Snoop Dogg's 'Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang' without his knowledge -- but with a healthy assist from Jimmy Fallon and his staff, who were able to make the clip come to life by piecing together key words from Williams' various reports. But it may not have even been necessary to go behind Brian
Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg, is giving away the chance of a lifetime: an opportunity to smoke with him in exchange for making all your photos more awesome with his app Snoopify. It's basically win-win for everyone.
Big Pimpin'
Pimpin' ain't easy, but it ain't that hard, either. Back in 2003, well before his transformation into Rastafarian icon Snoop Lion, Snoop Dogg was a self-proclaimed pimp. But unlike a lot of his rapper cohorts, Snoop actually was a literal pimp, gathering and selling women and their, um, "services" to other celebs.
Snoop Spills the Beans
Miley Cyrus' camp spent much of today denying that removing her engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth yet again was a sign of trouble in paradise. But now there may be no denying it anymore, because Snoop Lion may have put her issues on blast.
No Midnight Toking
Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, held his annual 420 Festival yesterday to celebrate all things weed. The only problem? The party got shut down as soon as he got there.
No Homo, No Offense
Not in any hurry to quell negative stereotypes, Snoop Lion claims that there's no room for homosexual men in hip-hop. But it's not what it sounds like.
Common Interests
When it comes to Martha Stewart's relationship with Snoop Lion (or Dogg, if you're not hip), it ain't nuthin' but a "B" thang: Brownies.
Easter in Paris
Perhaps finally accepting the fact that she will never take over the Hilton hotel chain, Paris Hilton slipped on a sparkly Playboy bunny outfit and partied with Hugh Hefner and Snoop Lion for Playboy's annual Easter egg hunt. YAY JESUS!
Snooper Fly
Snoop Lion (of formerly Snoop Dogg fame before he found his reggae roots) appeared on 'Conan' to talk about everything possible, from his new name and his desire to perform for the president to telling his own daughter that she really wasn't talented. Seriously. But where the interview really took off was when Snoop explained that he once didn't grasp how Twitter works and how he's trying to get i