SyFy's bad-on-purpose movie 'Sharknado' was a huge success for the network, pulling in a lot of buzz as the film blew up social media the night it aired. In fact, the flick was so successful that a sequel is already being planned -- but despite what you may have heard, Tara Reid has not already been excluded from it.

Both Reid and Ian Ziering were paid $50K for appearing in 'Sharknado,' and Ziering says he'll definitely be back for seconds (at the urging of his business-savvy wife, of course).

But since plans for a sequel were announced, Tara's name hasn't been mentioned -- leading many to believe she wasn't asked back. (It certainly wouldn't be the first time she's been turned away from something.)

Seems that's just rampant rumor-mongering, though -- at least according to Reid and the movie's producers, who've both taken to Twitter with denials.

If she does return to her role as Ziering's love interest, that'll leave his character free to think about other things -- like maybe how to dispatch all those sharks this time around.

Chainsaws are so 2000 and late. Might we suggest a flamethrower?

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