Just as the sun rises and sets, so does Tara Reid drink and stumble. And, much to our voyeuristic delight, she has done so again – despite her 2009 stint in rehab – right into a parked motorcycle on the streets of St. Tropez.

Because they know how much we enjoy it, our generous benefactors at TMZ have unearthed some rather amusing video of an inebriated Reid and her equally-sloshy friend after they made some sort of gravitational attack on a parked motorcycle.

The video shows Reid flat on her back on the ground and her friend draped over the fallen bike like so much boozy roadkill. Passers-by try to help, but Reid, ever the professional drunk, manages to get back on her feet on her own. Her friend, however, needs a little more assistance.

Once standing, the two spend some time standing face-to-face sharing secrets or telling jokes or just trying to figure out where they are and why oxygen was mean enough to push them down like that.

Then they sort of meander off and get on a nearby yacht to definitely not drink any more, we’re sure.

We can only imagine how proud the staff at Malibu's very famous Promises Treatment Facility must be to see a graduate like Tara applying what she's learned on the outside.

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