Last night (July 11), SyFy aired its craziest B-movie yet, 'Sharknado,' which is about the unholy union between sharks and tornadoes (and between Ian Ziering and Tara Reid).

See? This is what happens when you allow gay marriage. Then sharks and tornadoes think it's cool, and the whole world goes to hell.

Anyway, in case you noticed your Twitter feed going kablooey and were confused by all things 'Sharknado,' here's a brief run-down in GIF form of what you missed. (Besides the movie of the century, of course.)


Thanks to global warming, a deadly series of tornadoes filled with sharks is threatening California. And it's up to Ian Ziering to stop them. No, really.

As you know, sharks are mammals and breathe air, so this plot is 100% plausible.


Being the only person who understands the danger, Ziering rushes to save his family (including ex-wife Tara Reid) by killing sharks with household objects like bookshelves.


Also chainsaws. So many chainsaws.


On top of all that drama, there's a chick with a tragic shark-related past.
Because the sharks killed her grandfather.


To combat the Sharknado, our heroes throw bombs at them.
(Thanks to science, bombs stop tornadoes, you guys.)


If Roy Scheider had known he could shoot sharks out of the sky with a handgun,
'Jaws' would've been a much different movie.


Just when you think it couldn't get crazier, Ian Ziering jumps into a shark's mouth chainsaw first. And it is the best thing ever.


He then chainsaws his way out of the shark's belly, giving us a graphic reenactment of his birth..


In a surprising twist ending, it turned out that the Sharknado was really
just a plot point to bring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering back together.
Lindsay Lohan, you sly dog.