Tara Reid

10 Outrageous Hollywood Lawsuits
In the U.S., you can sue someone for just about anything. Whether or not you can win, of course, is another story entirely, and even being a rich, powerful celebrity doesn't always guarantee a victory. With that in mind, we found 10 of the most outrageous lawsuits in recent Hollywood history -- in a few, stars sued other stars, while in others, the famous were named in suits filed by mere mortals.
No Decisions
SyFy's bad-on-purpose movie 'Sharknado' was a huge success for the network, pulling in a lot of buzz as the film blew up social media the night it aired. In fact, the flick was so successful that a sequel is already being planned -- but despite what you may have heard, Tara Reid has not already been excluded from it.
Last night (July 11), SyFy aired its craziest B-movie yet, 'Sharknado,' which is about the unholy union between sharks and tornadoes (and between Ian Ziering and Tara Reid). See? This is what happens when you allow gay marriage. Then sharks and tornadoes think it's cool, and the whole world goes to hell. Anyway, in case you noticed your Twitter feed going kablooey and were confused by all things '
Tara Reid went out to experience the Los Angeles night life vodka on Tuesday, May 7, and had some trouble finding her way back to her car. Quelle surprise.
Taradise Lost
Tara Reid may not get much paid acting work anymore, but she's still welcome to hang out in the TMZ offices, where she entertained staffers by bashing fellow insurance liability Lindsay Lohan.
Tara's Tantrum
Tara Reid spent her second weekend at Coachella allegedly demanding discounts at clothing stores, not being recognized and then getting kicked out of said retail establishments for throwing drunken tantrums.
Taradise Lost
Tara Reid may have finally taken it too far -- the notoriously hard-partying 'American Reunion' actress was caught leaving Hollywood's Emerson Theatre on Wednesday (March 13), barefoot and haggard, requiring the help of friends to walk. She's been in rehab for alcoholism before and even credits the 2008 stint with saving her life. Now lots of people are thinking it could be time for another go. Re
No. 9: Tara Reid – Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs
Tara Reid comes a close second to Tori. Poor Tara has been a practice doll for plastic surgeons -- from bad lipo to bumbled boobs, the girl whose body was fine to begin with has turned into the girl who is strangely lumpy in odd places.