Robert Pattinson was cuckolded by Kristen Stewart when she was caught hooking up with her director, Rupert Sanders, whose wife, Liberty Ross, was understandably pretty pissed about it.

So pissed, in fact, that she wanted to talk to Pattinson about the whole thing. Except he wasn't having that. In fact, he may not be having Stewart, either.

Entertainment Wise reports that Pattinson and Ross were dangerously close to one another at a Golden Globes party on Jan. 13, which freaked him out so much that a witness allegedly says that when Pattinson spotted her, he made a mad dash for the exit and headed to a different venue.

Ross recently filed for divorce, and apparently she wants some info from Pattinson about Stewart's side of things in hopes of getting some clarity.

And maybe revenge. That would be sort of fun to watch, wouldn't it?

“Liberty is still furious with what happened and wants answers," a source claims. "She has not spoken to Rob yet, but wants to see him and compare stories. She is hoping they can bring some comfort to each other.”

While Pattinson may not want her comfort, he apparently might not want K-Stew's either. Hollywood Life (which, we should note, has a rather tenuous track record with the truth) also asserts that he asked for a "break" from the relationship while he films 'The Rover' in Australia.

“Rob and Kristen are on a trial separation right now," a source said. "For Kristen, it’s all or nothing. She’s ready for marriage, but Rob is over the relationship. They’re not going to see each other in Australia."

That bodes well.

“When Rob returns, they’ll assess their relationship, but he doesn't want to get back together. Rob’s been shaky ever since the cheating scandal.”

And, you know, ever since they stopped having movies to promote together. Just a thought.

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