On Thursday, Americans ate turkey, mashed potatoes and pie to pay homage to the various tribes our ancestors killed off with smallpox. And Rihanna did something equally nonsensical: She spent Thanksgiving with Chris Brown.

After the end of her disastrous 777 tour in which she dragged a slew of reporters around and forgot to feed or even talk to them, Rihanna jetted off to Berlin to meet with her abusive former and possibly current lover (who even knows anymore) so they could spend the holiday together.

The singer tweeted about her trip to Germany (complete with a surprisingly non-naked picture of herself alone on her jet) where Brown was doing a show during his Carpe Diem tour, and the pair was spotted after the concert at Berlin's Adagio nightclub.

Now see, if she'd just hooked up with Brown during that 777 tour and given those journalists something to talk about, maybe they'd have had a better time.

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