Rihanna celebrated turning 25 going on 16 with Chris Brown because cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.

The duo were joined at the hip, and probably a few other things, on a vacation to Hawaii. It's unclear from what they were actually taking the vacation, because it seems like all they do is smoke up and take pictures of themselves, but in fairness, that can be pretty exhausting.

The starlet's big day was Feb. 20, which she spent canoodling in a limo and on the beach with Brown. If you'll recall, less than a week before -- on Valentine's Day, for chrissake -- they weren't even speaking.

Maybe he was too cheap to buy her two gifts and picked a fight to save his wallet.

In the photos, Rihanna wears a bikini because it's Hawaii, making it one of the few times her scantily clad photos are in a sensible context. She accessorizes with a fishnet skirt from her River Island collection that actually just looks like a fishnet.

The duo held hands and snuggled on the beach, with Rihanna looking, as usual, much happier than the brooding Breezy did. Maybe because he was too busy worrying about his pants falling off his ass. Or thinking about Karrueche Tran.

Or, you know, Jesus.