The always-sublime Pink earned herself more awesome points last weekend when, as she was performing at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly on March 17, she stopped mid-song to comfort a young fan.

The songstress was in the middle of an acoustic version of 'Who Knew' when she suddenly told her guitar player, "Hold one one second. Hold on. Time out." Then, pointing out into the crowd, she asked, "Is this little girl alright?"

Seems the girl was crying, and when Pink (the mother of a young daughter herself) asked why, she learned that the child was upset about a fight that broke out between two nearby women in the venue.

In response, Pink gave the girl a stuffed animal and Rice Krispies Treat that someone had thrown on-stage at some point, telling her, “You're beautiful. Don't cry.”

She also had a few berating words for the brawlers: “Cut it out, you are all grown-ass women. Go get a pizza. Have a beer. Sit down somewhere.”

Then she restarted her song, gave the crowd a personal anecdote about her own childhood, and continued on as if righting the ridiculous wrongs of the world was something she does on the regular. And knowing her? It probably is.

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