Paula Deen skipped out on her 'Today' interview last Friday, instead opting to make a series of uncomfortable apology videos for saying hurtful and racist things. (Or being caught doing so, depending on your viewpoint.)

In light of the scandal, the Food Network gave her the boot, and now she's scheduled for yet another no-holds barred interview with 'Today.' You know, assuming she actually shows up this time.

While a slew of fans is voicing support for Deen online and by patronizing her restaurants, QVC is currently considering whether or not to give her the heave-ho as well. Which will hopefully all be broached during the interview.

Deen will supposedly appear on the morning show on Wednesday (June 26) to talk about the racism scandal that led to her firing, and maybe she'll apologize again for pissing off hosts Al Roker and Matt Lauer -- who were none too pleased about Paula bailing on them last week.

Be sure to get your bingo boards ready for this one!

Paula Deen Apology Bingo

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