Paula Deen

Paula Deen Wins Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
Food Network star Paula Deen found herself under fire when allegations of racism and sexual harassment came to light from a recent deposition. In turn she lost her job and was unable to save face, even with a strange series of apology videos and asking people to throw rocks at her.
Yet after all that…
Oprah Winfrey Speaks Out on Paula Deen's Use of the N-Word
Racism isn't one of Oprah Winfrey's favorite things, but it's something she has to deal with every day -- and the last person she thought she'd deal with it from was her one-time pal, Paula Deen.
The talk show queen is finally speaking out on Deen's use of the N-word, and Winfrey's reaction, predicta…
Dumb Celebrity Quotes – Paula Deen
Paula Deen used her best Popeye impression to apologize on the 'Today' show for racist comments she once made. Except while doing so, she managed to partially quote a racist joke. No wonder she fired her PR team shortly thereafter.
Paula Speaks
Paula Deen had her first interview following the controversy over racist comments in a deposition and her subsequent firing from the Food Network -- and to say her conversation with 'Today' host Matt Lauer was a tearfully brutal affair would be a vast understatement.
The Mea Culpa Tour
Paula Deen skipped out on her 'Today' interview last Friday, instead opting to make a series of uncomfortable apology videos for saying hurtful and racist things. (Or being caught doing so, depending on your viewpoint.)
In light of the scandal, the Food Network gave her the boot, and now she's schedu…
She's Outta There
Despite her efforts to save face -- with not one but two apology videos -- that deposition stemming from a lawsuit which revealed her casual use of the n-word (as well as other seemingly racist actions) has cost Paula Deen her job at the Food Network.
She's Sorry ... for Something
After bailing on an interview with 'The Today Show' this morning, Paula Deen has issued a public apology for routinely using the n-word back in 1986 and for assuming that being racist is cool if you're old and Southern.
Southern (Dumb)Belle
Paula Deen issued a statement about that deposition she gave in which she freely admitted to things like using the n-word, making derogatory comments about her staff and expecting them to pose as slaves for a wedding she was planning.
In a nutshell: She's old and Southern, so what did you expec…
Southern (Dumb)Belle
Last year Paula Deen was sued by the former general manager of the restaurant she owned with her brother for offenses including inflicting emotional distress with her offensive racial comments.
Now, in a recorded deposition, she's pretty much admitted the latter accusations are true.