No matter how you feel about Oprah, it's tough to deny she's always had mad acting chops -- something she proves pretty adorably in this promo for her OWN cable network, wherein she adeptly revives her character Sofia from the iconic 1985 film ‘The Color Purple' and pits her opposite Tyler Perry’s famous (or rather, infamous) character Medea.

In the promo, Medea drives up to Sofia -- who hasn’t changed her style or her walk since we first saw her some 30 years ago -- looking for the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Sofia responds in such classic dramatic manner that we wondered for a brief moment if they hadn’t just cut in actual clips from the movie, saying, “All my life I had to fight. I had to fight the press folks. I had to fight the ratings. I had to fight them haters.”

She warns Medea knowingly and strangely, “Girl child, it ain’t safe in a world full of cable channels.” And then, she walks off in a huff after telling a confused Medea, “You want a great cable channel? You find OWN like everybody else been doin’.”

Nice to see you again, Sofia. We've missed you.

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