You guys, we re-elected Barack Obama! Everything's going to be okay!

It's time to celebrate with the very best and funniest and most awesome Obama GIFs in this week's GIFapalooza.

Forget Gangnam Style. It's BARACK OBAMA STYLE. The horses get it.


It's like Jay-Z says, "Go on dust your shoulders off." He also says "ladies is pimps, too." We like him.


Classic GIF meme never gets old, but Hilary's head looks like it's been severed and reattached using some sort of evil internet witch magic.


What do you think he's listening to that's making him nod his head all cool like that? 'Call Me Maybe'?


This is the dance we did on election night. This was after three mini-cans of champagne with bendy straws. This is just before we fell over the cat.


This is how we thought we were dancing. We were clearly pretending to be Michelle.


Obama reads 'Where the Wild Things Are.' This is the face he makes when Mitt Romney isn't looking.


A serious man.


Best photo of Obama. Best GIF of Obama. You know when Romney called to concede, this is exactly what it looked like.


Of course she does! We all do, sir.


Obama's so cool that Hilary disses her own husband to kiss him instead.


We liked it so we put four more years on it!


Good job, America. See you in four years!