Breakout 'Supernatural' star Misha Collins spent his weekend at a convention in Canada, where he got to hobnob with  'Firefly' and 'Castle' actor Nathan Fillion -- and even had an impromptu dance with 'Arrow' and 'Doctor Who' performer John Barrowman.

As if we didn't have enough reasons to be jealous of the awesome that is Misha Collins.

This miraculous threesome took place at the Calgary Expo, where Collins hoped to get his "gluteus maximus" signed by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and the Disney-prince himself, John Barrowman. (You know, when he's not singing and dressing up as a Nazi for Mel Brooks' musicals.)

The ever-precocious Collins snapped the photo of the duo and shared it on Twitter along with the caption, "In spite of the old saying, I'm quite adept at tangoing alone. That said it is much easier with two."

He also shared a photo of himself and the erstwhile Captain Hammer, Nathan Fillion, joking, "Hey, @nathanfillion, in spite of what everyone says, I think you're a great kisser."

That's a whole lot to mark off one's bucket list in a single day. Bravo, Misha. Bravo.

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