Miley Cyrus is continuing to distance herself from her 'Hannah Montana' past, this time by twerking onstage at a Juicy J concert -- something she wants you to think was mostly against her will. It wasn't, of course. (She just wasn't wearing a onesie this time.)

Regardless, here's her version of the story: Miley was minding her own business at the Juicy J show on Saturday (June 8), hanging out with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, when they supposedly pushed her onstage and made her start twerking out to the song 'Bandz A Make Her Dance.'

"@wizkhalifa @DaRealAmberRose thanks for pushin my ass on stage tonight. That was toooo much fun @therealjuicyj," Cyrus tweeted and then later deleted.

In his own estimation, Juicy J seemed to think the audience enjoyed the spectacle, but that just left poor Shaquille O'Neal -- who apparently didn't realize Miley's all grown up now -- terribly confused:

Meanwhile, some twerking purists say Miley wasn't doing a bona fide twerk (see the comments here and here), but hey, she's a white girl raised in Nashville. Let's rein in our expectations, eh?

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