Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore don't do much of anything, and whenever they do it's usually not worth watching. Still, for whatever reason (in Moore's case, that reason is actually "Bruce Willis"), they're both loaded. That cash may be why they stalled on splitting officially in the eyes of the court.

Kutcher officially filed for divorce last week, a year after the couple separated. Initially, it was rumored that Kutcher was waiting for Moore to file to spare her the little dignity she hasn't smoked or danced away. Nice thought right?

Except that's probably not the case at all. TMZ reports that Kutcher and Moore were actually waiting for a financial settlement.

Moore reportedly has more money than Kutcher, but that didn't stop her from gunning for a settlement that matched her previous divorce from action star Willis. The details of the Moore-Willis split are unclear, but she essentially made out like a bandit, getting sums as big as her kids' chins.

In fact, TMZ also notes that Moore had every intention of divorcing Kutcher since they first separated following his indiscreet dalliances with some no-name skanks.

A source told the site that Moore, who will likely spend Christmas alone while Kutcher cozies up to girlfriend Mila Kunis in Iowa, is "genuinely happy." No word on whether or not she requires substances or delusions of youth and relevance to maintain her smiling status.

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