Now that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth seem to be kaput, we'd really like some sort of comment from Miley herself about what the past few weeks have been like for her.

But since she's not using social media to talk about her personal life anymore, we had to create our own narrative. Via GIFs, of course.


After seeing rumors of the breakup on the internet a couple weeks ago,
Miley was all like: "UGH! What am I doing with my hair!?!"

Miley Cyrus GIF 1


That's when she decided she was done with social media. SHUT IT DOWN!

Miley Cyrus GIF 3


Followed by some self-introspection about her and Liam's relationship because
like, OMG, they were going to have three weddings AND a funeral.

Miley Cyrus GIF 2


So she tried to call him, but he was too busy macking on Sheilas in Australia to bother.

Miley Cyrus GIF 5


Which confused her to no end.

Miley Cyrus GIF 6


But it was cool, because she realized he will be forever haunted by the fact
that he can never have this again.

Miley Cyrus GIF 4


Eh. That's debatable.

Liam Hemsworth GIF
Miley Cyrus GIF 7

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