Miley Cyrus is rocking new ink courtesy of Kat Von D.

While the tattoo maven is undeniably and immeasurably talented in her craft, this piece seems like a bit of a waste when you see it.

Von D took to Twitter, the same medium with which she got engaged to Deadmau5, to show off her work.

The tat is supposedly a Native American symbol of friendship. It's just two arrows criss-crossing one another on Cyrus' elbow. While we don't doubt there's some significance there, it still looks like something a third grader would doodle on a homemade Valentine.

Hopefully it was worth it, because elbow tattoos -- since they're so close to the bone -- don't exactly tickle. But obviously it was, because it's like, so totally edgy. Take a look at this badass.

Miley Cyrus Kat Von D Tattoo

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