Romance is Deadmau5.

The EDM star and Twitter troll proposed to 'L.A. Ink' star Kat Von D. Over Twitter. Because attention.

The tattooed DJ asked his tattoo artist girlfriend over the microblogging site, "I can't wait for Christmas so ... Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?"

Deadmau5 (real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman) paired the post with a shoddy photo (below) of the skull-adorned sparkler, writing, "Changing the diamond to black diamond FYI. Sorry for the jpg … they'll finish the actual ring soon I hope."

Kat responded, of course, over Twitter, first with a series of exclamation points (okay, fine, we'll admit it -- cute), then an emphatic "YES," and finally with:

Deadmau5 posted "holy f---ing s---. im engaged and stuff!" and then:

So they were obviously in close physical proximity the whole time, but why treat a proposal like a personal experience when you can share it with 3 million strangers instead?

They've had a bit of tumultuous relationship -- par for the course for Kat, who also had a very public coupling with and uncoupling from Jesse James (he announced his own engagement to a woman with questionable judgment about a month ago).

Von D and Deadmau5 split in November, announcing it via a series of -- again, what else? -- cryptic tweets. But apparently it's working out enough for her to begin sketching the somewhat diminutive DJ. Maybe his mug will take up the skin real estate that's now open on her body since she's having a shot of James lasered off.

If they could just try to keep the details of their wedding night off of social media, we'd appreciate it. Now if you'll excuse us, we're too busy rolling our eyes to dwell any further on this.

Kat Von D Deadmau5 engaged

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