'X Factor' host Mario Lopez has once again successfully impregnated his wife Courtney. Cigars and tanning lotion all around.

“I am the happiest father in the world. We cannot wait to welcome baby Lopez number two into our lives,” Mario gushed of his upcoming bundle of baby. "I'm just so excited I can't take it!"

The news was announced by none other than 'Extra,' which Lopez also hosts. Gee, we wonder who told them. After the news broke, the couple was given a surprise baby shower by the network that probably wasn't a surprise at all.

Courtney revealed her second baby is due around the time of her first daughter's birthday (Sept. 11) and said of her current status, "I'm in that stage where I can't fit into my regular clothes anymore but I can't fit into maternity clothes yet either. But I'm good, it's all good!"

"Right now, I'm really craving Cap'n Crunch cereal! But I try to keep it in moderation and not go too overboard," she admitted in that way that celebrity wives think they have to, lest their husbands go all Kelsey Grammer and divorce them for a newer and/or thinner model.

Meanwhile, the family is desperately trying to explain to their existing child, 2-year-old Gia, why she won't be the favorite anymore, but she doesn't quite understand. One day, Gia. For now, enjoy your excitement and lack of resentment. The rest will come.

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