Back in 1998 when Ali Landry was a familiar face, she was primarily known as "the hot Doritos girl" after appearing in commercials for them. Then she got married to Mario Lopez and was known as "the hot Doritos girl who married Mario Lopez."

Now she's sort of just "that girl who's still pretty bitter about her marriage to Mario Lopez."

The model and former Miss USA gave Ryan Seacrest a radio interview for unknown reasons, and Seacrest asked her if she liked 'X Factor.' Smooth move, shorty. Because really, what else is he going to ask her? The merits of Cool Ranch versus Nacho Cheese?

"No … I actually stopped watching," she responded (quotes via Us Weekly). "I liked the show before he came on." By "he," of course, she meant Lopez.

Seacrest then told Landry that he was going to ask her how she thought Lopez was doing as a host, and she giggled, "I wouldn't know."

To be fair, her marriage to Lopez ended badly: Two weeks after walking down the aisle in 2004, she learned that Lopez, whom she'd dated for six years, cheated on her a whole bunch of times, including at his bachelor party. (To which we say: Why, ladies? Zack Morris was way cooler.)

She bailed as soon as she found out, and the union was later annulled.

"For me, my parents are still together. The sacrament of marriage for me is very, very important," she once told Access Hollywood. "So I never even knew anyone who did that to someone else – didn't even know that was possible, like [from] someone you trusted and loved. I was blindsided. The rug was pulled out from underneath me."

These days, Lopez is married to Courtney Mazza, while Landry is wed to director Alejandro Monteverde. Between them the former couple now has three kids, but we're guessing odds are good no one ever gets together for playdates.

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