Today (September 17) babies were shown off, clone armies were amassed, buildings were climbed, pop-stars got lost and eyebrows were raised in vaguely threatening manners. Basically, just another day in the Twitterverse. Excelsior!

Fergie shows off her baby Axl Jack.

Justin Bieber is once again dazed and confused. As always.

Remember that time Britney Spears arrived via helicopter? Mario Lopez does.

Also, remember that time she amassed an army?

Katy Perry forgot to tell them also to not do drugs. But she did remember the cat photos.

Guys, stop trying to make Iggy Azalea perform against her will.

Lance Bass officially has his wedding rings.

We'll help Mindy Kaling make her Channing Tatum/centaur dreams come true.

Kat Von D is going on an adventure with RuPaul.

Do you smell what The Rock used to cook?

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan continued their tour of adorable together.

Ice-T finally met Dick Wolf after all these years of acting for him.

That Ellen Page video game is finally almost here.

Richard Roeper is not digging the final season of 'Dexter.'

And if you want to read crazy everyday you should be following Ted Nugent.

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