Signs that it pays well to be an 'American Idol' judge? Spending $1,500 on an eight-hour massage with some twisted bonus requests to boot.

We're looking at you, Mariah Carey.

The diva reportedly had a masseuse come to her home (read: mansion the size of several adjacent airport hangars) last month and oil her up for a full eight hours -- that's an average workday to plebes like you -- while she blissfully took a nap.

We're still struggling to wrap our minds around how a pampered celebrity could possibly need such a lengthy massage. Her aura must be knotted up something wicked.

And as if that weren't crazy enough, a source told Us Weekly that Mimi “insisted [Sacha Baron Cohen's] 'Bruno' play on repeat. It looped the entire time!”

This was either the weirdest or the kinkiest rub-down ever.

Next time, she should just get a two-hour massage and use the other six to do something productive, like creating a better strategy for drumming up 'Idol' ratings than a fake feud with co-worker Nicki Minaj.

Or she could just donate some cash to charity. We hear that's a great relaxation technique.